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  1. ayy do you have a shiny nidoking your willing to trade me
  2. I do not.
  3. hey do you have a shiney nidoran (male) you are willin to trade me
  4. aight cool
  5. I'll have to let you know more about redeeming yourself in a day or two.
  6. when will i get the red h removed
  7. a. You are still prohibited from battling the Gyms due to your red H.
    b. My Gym is currently closed.
  8. can i battle you for the badge
  9. No--that's my current breed; sorry. Go to the Day-Care in Solaceon Town and toss in any non-legendary/baby Pokemon and a Ditto; it'll take like two minutes.
  10. can i have one of those eggs too cuz i need one to trade crymzin but i dont have any
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