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  1. thanks =D i will make sure to put that on my present list
  2. Happy Birthday. Hope you get something nice (like a DS)
  3. thanks =D
    those have few ribbons compared to my old gallade he had 22 at total *0*
  4. No, I was through and just admiring their ribbons, Congrats
  5. i got a d/c in the middle of the trade inspection
    im back at the wifi if you still need to check them
  6. OK, meet you in the wifi
  7. im back =D
    we can have our gym battle now if you want =D
  8. sure i just need to eat i will be back in 20 min max ^^
  9. Do you have time for a gym match?
  10. i hope so
    a few of my pokes surviving with 1 of hp made me very happy *0* to bad it wasnt enought
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