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  1. Oh, thanks.
  2. You can buy little tweaks to the forum (change user title, etc.) through it, and you get credits through forum activity.
  3. So, uh... I searched through the forum and stuff but I cant seem to find anything about the market... could you tell me a little bit of how it works?
  4. Ok, Thanks.
  5. Read like the newest ten threads here and it should catch you up a bit. Welcome back!
  6. Hey man, I've been off the forum for while, looks like a lot of changes have been made... Could you give me some details since your online?
  7. Eh--you're just ten pixels too high, so I would say it's OK (though it would be within the rules if you don't stack them).
  8. hey is my sig a violation? I just wanna make sure.
  9. Okay, thanks. I was having trouble with Opera earlier and my browser couldn't stay up while i was play megaten.
  10. I was going to respond to your chat message, but you had already left, lol. I think they were shut down due to inactivity/lack of interest--I would talk to the icon/sprite contest organizers (Viscosity and MissingNo., respectively) if you'd like to get them restarted.
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