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  1. Do you like the tags I put on your thread
  2. True, that was kinda annoying, but is no excuse on my behalf.
  3. I did Get luckey with the Draco Mete Crit on taco
  4. Oh well, GG. Suddenly, you started predicting, and I got too locked in.
  5. Usaully I wouldnt care that much,but Taco would of fainted a lot earlier with out it.
  6. Sure, let's do it. I'll stick to item clause this time.
  7. you wanna have that rematch
  8. Its ok,You can change your lead if you want in the rematch
  9. Oh sorry, totally forgot about that. I haven't had any ladder battles before. Just reject my submitted score and we can battle again if you'd like.
  10. your team violates the item clause
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