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  1. Hope I didn't miss you - I'll be online in a moment. Looking for anything from my events in return?
  2. Pokemon trading time mister.
  3. :/ Try PMing me next time - I'll leave my tab on Who's Online so I get a pop-up notification. Sorry again!
  4. How about now mate? :P
  5. Looks like I missed you; sorry!
  6. Kurt-o-mac, could I steal a couple Gooey poke's from ya? Working on IV breeding atm, and they would help ^.^
  7. I know :/ Will handle it. Ugh.
  8. Your friends are trolling the forums..
  9. I like how I said that four minutes after you mysteriously disappeared again. :/
  10. Nice to see you around these here parts again.
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