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  1. Awesome! ^_^
    See ya there
  2. cool, i'm on wifi now.
  3. Uhm I am trading you *goes to check*
    6 items for 2 Pinsirs and a Modest Voltorb so bring 3 junkers
  4. sure, can you tell me if i need to bring any junkers for the items?
  5. May we trade for the shinies now?
  6. MAy we now trade for those shinies and items now?
    And can you add one of the Modest Voltorbs aswell? I put that on my post too.
  7. HEy did you accept the offers I made on The Emporium?
  8. OK thanks
  9. yep, anything that is in the OU tier or below. Only thing not allowed is ubers.
  10. Hey what does 'Standard OU' mean?
    Any OU pokeon can battle including legends?
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