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  1. I was trying but I kept getting Japanese ones and the GTS was ridiculous in what they were asking for Vivilions
  2. Ah right Are you trying to collect them all? If you are Ill let you know if I come across any more. Thanks again.
  3. I'm from California, but I started Y with a Hawaii location. I have only 8 different ones & 2 of those I got from you
  4. Thanks Deneves, thats awesome, I didnt know you were from Hawaii. Your pattern is one of the most saught after it seems on the gts. I have a spare polar and Sun if you need them. So far I have High plains/ Sun/ Marine/ elegant/ River/ Garden/ Ocean/ Modern/ continental/ polar. Have you managed to get them all yet?
  5. Yep, have that spare, the pgl seems to be going through maintenance or somthing at the mo though, I'll grab you when I see you online
  6. A Marine one would be good if you have an extra
  7. Thanks a million Deneves
  8. Hi Deneves, sorry to bother you, I dont suppose you could give me a hand evolving my scyther? Hes level 38 and I think it may be time to evolve him. Do you recommend evolving at this level? And would you be available to help me trade evolve him. Are there any pokemon your looking for at the moment? Hidden abilities etc?
  9. No problem, thank you for saving me hours of trawling through the gts
  10. Thanks. Its hard to find those green ones around here
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