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  1. I know I'm missing Icy & am pretty sure it is the rarest. I'm on my Spanish game now working on a better Field parent, but only can get to 5 IVs
  2. Cool, let me know when you have time to give it a go and ill trade em over to you BTW are you missing any other vivillon patterns?
  3. I am certainly willing to try. I think with two perfects it should be a one in 32 chance of getting a perfect offspring.
  4. I have a perfect male zigzagoon and Zorua, and a perfect female zorua which Im breeding with a japanese mawile with 5 ivs. Unfortunaetly the mawile is lacking a perfect iv in sp.atk and so lots of the zorua children are lacking that iv. Maybe if you got some time in the future you could borrow my perfect zorua pair and breed a few eggs and hopefully wind up with a few spanish perfects fairly quickly?
  5. I haven't managed to get any perfect ones yet. the closest I have gotten is 5 & in the Spanish game I have only got as high as 4. You are welcome to one if I can get one. Is the Zigzagoon ♂ & the Zorua♀?
  6. No problem, have you got all 18 now? I notice some of your pokemon appear to be spanish, Would it be possible if i could borrow a Spanish perfect iv breeding male within the field egg group from you at some point? (If you have one) Im trying to masuda method a shiny zorua at the moment and the foreign parent I have isn't ideal I have a perfect zigzagoon/ and zorua I could give you in return for loan.
  7. Thanks, Sorry I didn't have much to trade. I need to finish my breeding projects. I have a lot of half finished ones
  8. Archipelago/Sandstorm/Sun/Savannah/Tundra are all ones that I need
  9. Hey Deneves, Ive been doing some trading and I managed to complete my Vivillon collection, and I have tonnes of spares. Heres what I have that you may need. Archipelago/River/Sandstorm/Sun/Savannah/Tundra/Continental/ Meadow/ Polar. Hopefully thats all the ones you may be missing
  10. I know, the jungle ones are always snatched up fast, and any that are left have ridiculous demands. I have so many japanese ones I just release them now
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