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  1. hey hows it goin
    u would happen to have an arceus on u that u can data for me ay?
  2. Well that shows you that people will put anything up on the gts. Next time you should put it through the HPH.
  3. its not even trained well . i coud swear if u hack a pokemon it would at least be maxed out
  4. i had a blissey that i got of the wifi and i didnt kno it was hacked and i was goin to trade it for a shiny shinx. i had lost interest in blissey cuz i cant take no hits
  5. yo why were you labled as a Hacker?
  6. It was ok. I think the Rockets might win 1 or 2 more games but thats it.
  7. did u like that lakers win
  8. thanx alot
  9. Sorry I dont. If I get any ill be sure to let you know.
  10. hey do u have any salac berries
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