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  1. how is this news great in any way?!?!

    ahhh what is happening??
    I dont want to dance!!
    *starts doing the hokey pokey invouluntarily*

    ahhh what is this?? this is a conspiracy!

  2. :O That was jsut uncalled for T___T


    You're my slave for the day =D

    DANCE~!!! >.<
  3. thats what YOU think >.<

    lol jk XPP
  4. Ahh you still love me ^_^
  5. youre evil.....-.-

    *jumps out of lava*
  6. Note to self:Lava CAN erode away skin

    O___O ouch
  7. okay note to self:never give Andy hugs

  8. *Pushes you off of me into the lava pit*

  9. *HUGS*
    its big hug day!!
  10. *Eats beedrill*


    Uh oh I feel sickies TT..TT
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