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  1. Yo! I've still got your Cherubi from forever ago, you wanna pick it up?
  2. Heyo!

    Are you able to trade?
  3. Thanks! They weren't easy to get. ^_^; I didn't think Shado would take it down but she surprised me! If I hadn't got you with that ice beam, the end result may have been quite different!!
  4. Ok see you tomorrow!

    Nice shinies as well but your Shado scared me! I thought my Togekiss could tank that Ice Beam... He was built to tank it >.>
  5. Also, I'll try to trade you that toto tomorrow. They're all in bank and I've got to get some sleep. Just realized that it's 1 am. -_-
  6. I always forget how fun battling is! I think your Togekiss tested pretty well. After Aegislash, I really didn't have anything that could kill it for sure. I feel like Greninja coud have gone either way. Great game! We should definitely do it again soon.
  7. Oops, I was in the regular lobby
  8. Can't see you in the Leagues Chat.
  9. Darkrai1313
  10. What's your IGN for Showdown?
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