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  1. I don't plan anything along the lines of "You're not allowed to have avatars, or PMs, or Blogs." But they are usually just items that will go below your name (like badges) as well as claim prizes like rare candies, heart scales and they can be redeemed in Pokemon X and Y.
  2. If you seclude newer members of the forum, they just wont come back.
  3. Why's that? With it members can unlock certain special features of the forum with it. Also yeah, Wack-A-Dril is based on Wack-A-Mole since they are Mole pokemon added Beedrills to add challenge as well as drill related name XD
  4. I don't believe you should have a currency for a website. Wack a drill seems good for a whack-a-mole style game.
  5. Hey Alirrath! I was wondering if you could help me with figuring out some mini-games for my forums!
  6. Thanks LOL
  7. Oh, any tier you wish to use, provided it is breedable. (Garchomp and the rest of legendaries are banned from gyms.)
  8. Like....

    BL, UU, OU? LOL
  9. against tiers? i dont understand mate.
  10. Hey, are the gyms against Tiers?
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