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  1. True. Was expencting tyranitar frm u. Haha
  2. Well, its not really a fairy XD. Its still a normal type. Its one of my most annoying pokemon. Xatu was a new addition since no one expects it
  3. True. I didnt knw ur moxie pokemon and natu well. Caught me by supprise. When i saw ur fairy... im like... "u again!"
  4. Well we both made mistakes haha. One was letting our attackers DIE and only having walls left xD
  5. It was fun. Lots of mistake frm my part. Its my 1st battle after 2 years haha. U reminded me hw much i hate tat stupid fat egg T_T
  6. That was an intense but longggggg battle. I love how it was down to just walls xD
  7. Looking for Light Ball. Razor Fang, Power Band, Power Bracer, Life Orb, Shell Bell
    If you have any extras D:
  8. I thought u gave to me haha.
    Anyways thx.
  9. why thank you haha
  10. My Gogoat sir!?
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