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  1. I got my shiny Shinx. Please send me an invatation to join your group.
  2. Would you send me an invataition to join the Shiny Hunters INC. I love shinies and I am catching them.
  3. i did not hack it. My friend traded to me.
  4. its goodhe didnt give it back you dont want to ruin ur rep by having fake/hacked pokemon
  5. i use to have arceus. I traded but the kid wont give it back now.
  6. sorry dude i already have all legends except shaymin and arceus
  7. i will trade you my mewtwo for your latios.
  8. lol idk i just got bored soo yea i do crazy things when im bored lol
  9. why did u switch your avatar?
  10. yea when i first joined here i was shoced at the number of friendly people lol
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