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  1. haha yea me too. When i was playing sports i was just like i gotta let go of something
  2. Oh yeah, I understand. My Jr. year was really, really hard so I gave up on that stuff really quickly...
  3. Well I guess i got really occupied with senior year and doing that sorta stuff. I'm trying to get back to doing stuff on pokefarm but I just cant find the time to do breeding and that sort of thing
  4. same with me, actually. i've just had a lot of stuff going on, I guess...
  5. Oh haha yea i dont get on very often any more these days. idk why
  6. oh hey!!!

    Sorry, I completely missed your message from before! :P
  7. Brady long time no see
  8. O.O

    that's strange... >.>
  9. Thank you I've had some people ask me to do some strange things for them now that i'm 18
  10. Happy Birthday, RJ!

    And it's the big 1-8 too! Nice.
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