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  1. I'm trying
  2. Creepin' on the What's New page and hope to see you around more soon
  3. Thankee! She does! She lives in Escondido, and we went to the San Diego Wild Animal Park when we visited a while back. Ooh, trees. I think all we can grow is apple trees, here. Although my cousin has an 8-foot tall indoor banana tree. XD
  4. Well happy belated birthday! Does your Aunt live around San Diego? They always seem to have the best weather. I don't have a garden, but living in the valley with all the citrus trees doesn't help and the fact that I am surrounded by orange trees!
  5. Hehe, yep, as of Wednesday. :P One of my aunts lives in CA and is alllways talking about how great the weather is on facebook. Here I am with 2 feet of snow still in March, hah.

    Eep, allergies! One thing I am quite glad I do not have. Do you have a garden, at all?
  6. OMG! Are you 21 already? That just doesn't seem right I guess I didn't realize that I've been here that long. Yep, I'm in CA and the weather here is great too! I just wish I didn't have allergies to all the blooms that we have right now
  7. Pretty swell, pretty swell. Enjoying my ability to try drinks, now. And the fact that the weather is at least warmer, if not always cooperating. How is it over in CA? (I feel as though you live there, though I have no solid evidence at the moment...)
  8. Well hello there stranger How have you been?
  9. Halloooo! Haven't talked to you in a while.
  10. Thanks, Nana. You as well! I hope you are able to have a good one with your family and warm California weather, hehe.
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