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  1. Well if it makes you feel any better i've not been able to get much game time in due to ridiculous amounts of work, and as for my starter, i really wanted to go for Oshawott, but then my old niggle with lugging two water types round later in the game botherd me... So over to Tepig i went!
  2. Blast you UKers who already have it... *shakes fist* Ah, well; I wouldn't be able to play today anyway since I'm not out of school until tomorrow (spring break is conveniently next week!). Who's your starter?
  3. Ello ello, indeed i am... And not meaning to rub it in but White was sat at the bottom of my door when i got home this evening.
    Just about to dive into it now!!!
  4. Long time, no see; welcome back! Excited for B/W?
  5. That's not a problem; I'll remove it for you.

    Ooh; congrats on the move! ^_^ I'm doing well; getting ready to graduate from high school in a few weeks. Good to see you back!
  6. Heyluuuuu!

    Sorry about not gettin back to you about that old request, kind of been without internet access since feb, had a big house move and its all been a little crazy, living at the complete other end of the country. But alas, im hoping to be about a lil more now. Hows things?
  7. No problem; thanks for the Heart Scale!
  8. Just had to make a quick exit form wayward cave but im heading in now!
  9. Sure! Let me just check the request, add your FC, etc.
  10. Heylooooooooooo, i believe i still have a chappie to pick up from you.
    Free for a trade?
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