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  1. MeowthMix, Can I have a gym battle for a shiny badge some time?
  2. Oh well , your team was cool. Vexen had me worried there for a sec
  3. Oh well, you had a cool team. Vexen had me worryed for a sec
  4. Haven't seen a Skarmory in a while. :P I should have told you I was using mostly NU's. My bad.
  5. ok, I'm still on
  6. Ready now. ^__^
  7. Erm... Sorry! I forgot I told someone I would battle them. So if you can wait a few minutes I'll accpet your invite after this quick battle.
  8. Sure,I'll be on in a sec
  9. How about now?
  10. Sorry , Can't do it now
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