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  1. Yeh Smiths Falls is considered a dump now. Ever since the Hershey factory moved to Mexico prices on houses have fallen and stuff like that because of no jobs being available.
  2. Bingo! I am supposed to go check out the Calypso waterpark hopefully.
  3. haha, i think i meant waterpark. the newly opened "Calypso" I wonder what happened to the 2 project theme park near Ottawa (one was to be in Smith Falls $30Million )
  4. Amusement park?? Where do you mean? The one between Ottawa and Cornwall?
  5. yes i did . How are you? been a long time since i saw you around.
    i heard there is a new amusement park opened in ottawa. i shall visit some time LOL
  6. Did you find out where Ottawa was yet? LOL!
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