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  1. lol or bring all the items u needed to trade
  2. hey man don't worry about it all of us have did that before don't put yourself down for it
  3. lol ok works for me
  4. That works just fine with me. And maybe I'll remember next week who needed which items...
  5. do berries no. 4/7/9/15/37 work for u
  6. ok thx a lot man this really helps me
  7. I can make another run through of the Battle Tower to get more Power items. I can have the other 5 to you by the end of next week, probably. You interested? If so, I'd like 5 random berries.
  8. wait wat do u mean
  9. Lol, I'm such an idiot sometimes. I can try for another set of power items if you want the others. I can have that by the end of the week.
  10. i need the other power items u want anything and i am not the one that needs the lucky egg i need the power anklet and moon stone but i need the other power items to
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