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  1. Thanks anyway Steve.
  2. Sorry, but I do not.
  3. Hi Steve, you don't by any chance have a spare Zeraora for trade do you? Need it to complete my national dex and its a hard mon to track down lol
  4. Lol yeah we managed to do it back in the day so I have all 3 unlocked. You have a drought ninetails in there
  5. Do we still both need to be online for the third Pokemon to be unlocked?
  6. Thanks Steve �� Good to be back. I was actually playing X and Y last night and was using your Friend safari to catch some hidden ability fire pokemon to transfer to home ��
  7. Welcome back!
  8. Hi Steve, thanks for adding me to your Friend safari, unfortunately I think we both need to be online at the same time to unlock the third pokemon in each others safaris. I know your probably very busy but anytime your thinking of hopping online if you could give me a shout on here and ill try and hop on too and we can sync safaris. Thanks very much again, really would love to get my hands on a ninetails with drought. Cheers
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