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  1. Sorry about your wifi! I will do my best in the tourney. At least I don't have to be scared of a Wobbuffet anymore, right?
  2. I'm sorry but I will have to forfeit our match. Good luck in the anime legacy.
  3. lol And I get the guy on Team Rocket with the Wobbuffet.... This battle will be epic. lol

    I'm not sure if I will have time on Saturday because I have an event I have to be at that afternoon. Unless the morning works for you, we might have to try for later on in the week.
  4. Yay I got the guy with a latias for round 1 x) I still need 1 day and I'll be available. I guess we could battle this saturday.
  5. Hey! ^_^ It looks like we are teamed up for the first round of the Anime Legacy Tournament. When are you available to battle?
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