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  1. Thanks, I got it all!
  2. yeah ok, I'll going back to wifi
  3. Oh sorry Can we have one more IV battle? I forgot to record the HP! whoooops
  4. craaap!!! I did it wrong and I didnt finish recording the thingies, can you please do it once more?

    nvm lol thanks
  5. You're wellcome, if you need any other IV battles and you see me onlyne feel free to ask me for some.
  6. Yaaaaaaaaay! Thank you. I'll meet you there then!
  7. Yeah I'll give you an IV battle. My game name is Vasko, frend code is 3480 6544 3446.
  8. Hey I don't really know you and you probably don't know me, but I need someone to have an IV battle with me could you? My name in the game is Jelly and my friendcode is 1806 6462 4719. Can you give me your details too if you can have the Iv battle? Thanksss
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