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  1. Hey i'm online now are you ready?
  2. I have to go back to work today. I should be home around 4 PM pacific if you can battle then
  3. Lol... I went to bed at the time you asked for the battle I won't be on after the 9th of August because I'll be traveling to another country and no internet connection where I'm going. So will you be able today? I'll keep checking back to this website every like half an hour to check if you've sent me a visitor message
  4. Hi. do you have time for a Torrent Gym battle?
  5. I work again tomorrow and won't be home until 4:30 PM pacific. I am off on Friday if you need an earlier time
  6. Aw. That will be too late for me :/
    Tomorrow when will you be on?
  7. I am still at work. I will be home in about three hours if you would like to battle then
  8. Hey I'm online. We can battle now if you can
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