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  1. I didn't want to bump the thread since you haven't been here recently and don't know if you do, but do you have any Tyrunt left? Hope you're well!
  2. Good to see you again, Bev! ^_^
  3. Awesome, there's no shame in laziness. *nods*
  4. ^_^ Cool!

    *is gonna start breeding one of your awesome farmed pogeymanz tonight* Unfortunately, my event children will likely have the same moveset unless I'm patient enough to go the "extra mile"...hopefully I'll get enough new people that won't know/care, haha. And you have no idea what I'm talking about. xD
  5. Thanks, I'll be sure to relay your well wishes to Paws. If all goes well I'll have a new laptop in January and a new puppy in august, lol.
  6. Oh; congratulations!! ^__^ (about the marriage, not the laptop death)

    Sorry about that PM...right after I sent it, I realized you hadn't been on, haha.
  7. *is fine* I'm married now and my laptop died, lol.
  8. *wonders where you are*
  9. Cool, I'll probably have a Totodile event then. Probably a generic DD set, though I'll be breeding for a SD set.
  10. Nice--I think Narnad's breeding those, too, though. :/ Totodile are sweet--I still haven't EV trained one after the main-site event; I want to breed one in Pearl first. Ah well.

    Blah; I only have 12 Slowpoke to give away, only 9 of which are Bold. Eh; someone'll want 'em. LOL

    And, oh, yeah; the streak ended! ^_^
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