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  1. The Move is Complete!

    Attention everyone!

    I have just completed moving the site to the new server. It was a rather long and arduous process but it is now done!

    No longer must we endure those horrible connectivity drops!

    No longer will you find yourself staring at a blank page when you come to the forum!

    On this day we have officially moved to the new server!


    Now I need to relax
  2. Hoglet Woes…..

    Well, as I’m sure none of you know*, Sonic has been ill the last few days. That is the reason for my recent set of absences. I’m just very worried that the stress from moving caused all of this and I’m spending every spare minute I have making sure that he’s doing well.

    It all started on Sunday. I took him out of his cage a bit early so that we could watch the third and final DVD for Cromartie High School, my #1 anime. We got the entire series box set from Matte for Christmas ...
  3. Funny How Love Is

    What a day!

    It started off with me checking on Sonic. He certainly didn't appreciate being takein out of his cage, but at least I didn't have to wake him up. He had just finished nibbling on some food when I swooped in and checked on his sore. It was a bit darker red than before, but at least it didn't look bad. I gave him a kiss and put him back. Then it was off to work.

    Several calls later, I managed to find a veterinarian who sees hedgehogs. They had an opening ...
  4. The City on the Edge of Forever

    I had a strange dream last night. It wasn't as strange as some of my others, but it really makes me wonder what my mind is like when I'm unconscious.

    It started off in gym class. It wasn't at my high school; the gym was larger, the uniforms were different, and the locker rooms were bigger. We were playing some sort of sport that needed the gym to be sectioned off into different courts that were marked with tape. There were also nets up between them, so it had to have been something ...
  5. Anything Goes

    OMG!!!!! Sonic is injured!

    Okay, okay, okay… I will be calm. I will just tell it how it happened.

    It started off innocently enough. I had my complete box set of DVD's for Cromartie High School. I just wanted to share the anime experience with my precious little hoglet. I know that's what Matte wanted when he sent me the Cro. High DVD's. You know what? I did it. I got the hoglet out and we were on the couch just chilling and watching the anime. Then I felt ...