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  1. Doo doo doo

    Well i haven't posted a blog in a bit, and since i only have a month that i'm guaranteed it, i should write a blog.

    This weekend is my city's annual Relay For Life. We have a track to walk around that i'd say is about 3/4 of a mile to a mile. I don't actually walk all that much, since we don't turn in the sheets where we record what we walk...too much of a hassle i guess.

    While there (last night), some adult friends of ours (My brother's third grade teacher and her mom) ...

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  2. O.O I haven't posted a blog entry for a long time 0.0

    How long have I not posted a blog entry? Well I don't have a lot of time on my hands to post a blog entry anymore. But I will try to post one once a day until I go back to school. I've been bored this month but a least I got a new bike. Its a two-wheel bike and I learned to ride it the 2nd day I got it with my Dad's help.

    Now back to Pokemon. I haven't been playing my game that much but I do play a little bit when I'm bored. Well thats all. See ya.

  3. Summer Soup

    Mmm, dinner tonight is a kale, carrot, and potato soup, with chicken and a hunk of bread. All from the garden, well, except for the chicken… and the olive oil. The kale makes the soup bright and tangy, and all the vegetables are in season. See soups don't have to be for the fall and winter.

    The only thing I can imagine to make it better would be using white wine fish stock instead of chicken stock and adding a dollop of Greek yogurt.

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  4. Dynamic Duo - Lending A Helping Hand

    Perhaps you've seen or heard of this move. Absolutely useless in singles, it can prove to be quite the opposite in the doubles environment. Helping hand is a support move that doubles the power of your partner's chosen attack by 50% Of course you'd want this move on something like a wall that can take hits without being KOed easily. Having a recovery move on the same pokemon is also a great option.

    Whenever in a peril, have your team mate be a good friend and lend a helping hand ...
  5. So... busy... doing... NOTHING!

    Sorry I haven't said much lately. I've been busy with not cleaning my room, breeding for the academy projects (I finally got my WHOOTHOOT!) and started on the Azurill chain for the next project.

    Other than that, I'm leveling my warlock in WoW, now I'm level 57, and almost ready for the next world: the Outlands!

    Now, back to Pokemon:
    I was reading some of the Pokemon Special manga, and wow... some of it is not kid friendly. The gym leaders aren't all nice (well ...