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Ms. Lovely's Thoughts

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. Or not. Doesn't bother me either way. I like to think of myself as an apathetic misanthrope and curmudgeon and this is my unique take on the world.

My blog will be filled with the random thoughts and rantings I have throughout the day as well as Strife Farm happenings and other random things.

  1. Caption Contest - Week 4

    Week 4 has finally arrived!

    Yes, I do say [I]week[/I] very tenatively, but I have managed to find the time to post the next round of Strife Farms Caption Contest.

    A picture is worth 1000 words. What will you come up with? This week's picture is....


    This one just came to me while I was working on some other caption contest artwork. ...
  2. The Devil in the Dark

    Well, last night I was up in Blair. I wasn’t at my house because I don’t have a bet set up there yet (I will later on this week, it will be crazy when we move the big stuff) but I did stay with my parents. It was nice, you know… Kitten in one hand, hedgehoglet upstairs, other kitten on the prowl… I thought that I would get a decent amount of sleep tonight. Last night I stayed up late packing, you know how moving can be. ;_; In any case, on with the dream!

    My dream started with ...
  3. Hedgehog Day

    Groundhog Day. What is to be said about this day? For one, why is it a groundhog? They’re not very cute. Why not a hedgehog? Hedgehogs are adorable and have shadows. I can’t think of any reason why it couldn’t be a hedgehog. Quite the contrary, I can think of dozens of reasons why a hedgehog would be better for the job. I know that my Sonic would do a better job than that Punxsutawney Phil.

    Seriously. I think that if cuteness and general level of awesomeness are an indicator ...
  4. Caption Contest - Week 3 Results

    What a long week! In fact, it seems as thought it has lasted for several weeks... :innocent:

    This week, the caption contest has 10 lovely submissions. The runners are are, in no particular order....

    - N0t2f34r
    - cowmoo83
    - Pikachupan
    - Amos
    - Hamzydan
    - PokemonLover
    - meeker

    I loved each of their entries, but in the end I had to choose a winner. The winner this week stood out because they incorporated a move ...
  5. It broke!

    I've been working on my latest chain since January 11th. It started out as EV training and ended with 48 shinies caught over 20 days. The chain reached up to 88 and is number one on my poketech. Some days I didn't touch my DS, others I caught as many as 12. I'm surprised that my chain lasted so long.

    In those 20 days, I managed to go through about 990 super repels, 200 repels, and 111 max repels. I ended with 666 max repels, which is a number that makes me laugh. Funnily enough, ...

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