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☻Cats gone wild☻

☻Cats gone wild☻


  1. One of my best artwork

    I'm using Gimp for some of my artwork now and this is one of the best ones I've done.

    What do you think? I'll post more when I make more.

  2. Pokemon News - The results!

    These were all taken out of a hat.

    Poilwag: These Pokemon's names were all draw out of a hat. Heres Igglybuff.

    Igglybuff: Okay the results are finally in. Here they are!

    Cutest Pokemon - Torchic
    Lamest Pokemon - Magickarp
    Fastest Pokemon - Deoxys-S
    Coolest Pokemon - Mew
    Best Fighting Pokemon - Dragonite
    Best Pokemon of all time - Arceus

    Diglett: Thank you for voting everyone!


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    Pokemon News
  3. Thunder~~~

    Its raining outside and thundering. I have nothing to do but go on PokeFarm and do the TRG. Can you PokeFarmers give me some ideas on what I can do?

  4. 43rd blog entry with Pokemon News (nothing else good as a title...)

    This is my 43rd blog entry 7 more to go to get to 50! On the blogs it only lets you use up to 3 smilies so I'm going to write Pokemon's names instead.

    Poilwag: Hey, and welcome to the Pokemon News! We will be talking about the Pokemon awards today!

    Diglett: Yup, the Poke awards are a group of awards that 5 different Pokemon get that the Pokemon News made up. You get to vote!

    Poilwag: With the different catagories, heres Igglybuff!

    Igglybuff: ...

    Updated 06-27-2009 at 12:36 PM by becnoir

    Pokemon News
  5. This blog post has nothing nor anything to do with TeamRocket.....

    Yes by the title you can see this is 'not' about the new PokeFarm game..... This is going to be about normal things on the normal PokeFarm and nothing about the not normal TeamRocket game.... Normal, normal, normal!!! What am I doing! Should I be posting a blog or fooling around? I'll ask my cat! "Kiko! What should I do!" Well no answer! Well I'll not talk to you then! I'll just fool around!

    Now that craaaaaaaaaaaaaaazyness is over I can do other things..... *Looks at her

    Updated 06-25-2009 at 06:56 PM by becnoir

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