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☻Cats gone wild☻

☻Cats gone wild☻


  1. Rhythm Heaven

    Name: Rhythm Heaven
    What I give it: 4 stars
    Rating: E for Everyone
    Plays on: Nintendo DS
    Made by: Nintendo
    Wi-fi: No

    What the game is about: This game is about rhythm. It has over 50 rhythm games for you to play in it. You hold the DS sideways like the Brain Age games. You start off with one rhythm game. You have to play this one to unlock more games. After you do the 1st rhythm game you unlock the, the next game, the cafe, and the medal corner. ...

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  2. \ My last riddle's answer /

    \ My last riddle's answer /

    My last riddle was this.

    Big as a barn, light as a feather, and 60 horses can't pull me. What am I?

    Well heres the answer!

    A: I'm a barn's shadow!

    Bye everyone. I must go. I hope you join me when my next riddle pops up.

    ~Best wishes - PL~
  3. *New Riddle*

    *New Riddle*

    Okay, now I have a new riddle for you PokeFarmers! This one is way easier than my last one. Here it is!

    Big as a barn, light has a feather, but 60 horses can't pull me. What am I?

    Lets see what you all answer! See you all next time!

    PL OUT~
  4. Well my 54th blog entry?

    Well my 54th blog entry?

    Well I was thinking and this memory of me and one of my friends. Here it is.

    I was in a shop, people donate to it, and I told my friend that I know a Pokemon item was close by. I was trying to trick her. Well then I point to a part of the store, I didn't even know there was a Pokemon shirt there. Then we find a Pokemon shirt! I got to get it.

    So thats what happened. So bye bye!

    PL OUT yet again~

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  5. Riddle Anwser!

    Riddle Anwser!

    In my last blog I had a riddle. If you did not read it heres the riddle.

    I walk into a party as a host. I walk out as a guest. How do I do it?

    Well if your wondering what the anwser is here it is!

    Anwser ~ I'm a ghost! I can change bodys from the host's body to one of the guest's bodys.

    Were any of you guessing that? I hope you were! Bye everyone!


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