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  1. Paiopa's Avatar
    Hope you have a great time man
  2. rj61's Avatar
    I just realized that my cousin lives in Ohio!
  3. cowmoo83's Avatar
    Sweet! :P Have fun in Ohioooo!
  4. rj61's Avatar
    Have fun James.
  5. thefuriousangel's Avatar
    funniest blog ever.
  6. Cherkat's Avatar
    I will pm next time I see you on line. Thanks for the reminder.
  7. pikaluva13's Avatar
    you forgot to put mine in, as i never picked up Ossein :P
  8. Kurt's Avatar
    OK, then! ^_^
  9. Cherkat's Avatar
    Wonderful news Jimmy You will do a great job!
  10. Gouswer's Avatar
    Congratz =3=
  11. pikaluva13's Avatar
    *you're :P (oh rolytic pointed this out)
    In other words, congrats Jimmy!
  12. XD001's Avatar
    Pryce was awesome. He apparently sits under a waterfall through Spring, Summer, August, and Winter to become a better trainer.
  13. Rolytic's Avatar
    Congrats, revelp! And Pryce is one of my favs from Gen 2 as well. I hope you get some great challengers. Oh, and the "Your" in the title should be "you're" as in "you are". No offense, I just wanted to point that out.
  14. Kurt's Avatar
    Congratulations, Jimmy!! Maybe I'll come battle lose to you soon. ^_^
  15. cowmoo83's Avatar
    congratz! I'm sure you'll be a great leader! And Pryce is Epic... good avatar choice.
  16. rj61's Avatar
    Well Congrats James. I know I said it before but I am sure you will do great.
  17. pondertheworld's Avatar
    Blahahahahaha. You could... Volunteer at a homeless shelter... >_>

    The cake is a lie!
  18. revelp8's Avatar
    hey, im bored with school, what else can i do to kill time :P

    its a good book so far.
  19. pondertheworld's Avatar
    I can't believe you're reading Twilight...

    Kay, you're awesome!! Edward is such a controlling and hurtful person... Which is why Jacob is much better~
  20. revelp8's Avatar
    oh yes, because of that, it makes me wonder why they would fangirl on a vampire, that would like to kill the very girl he loves.

    Irony works wonders sometimes. but its a fun read anyways. i just hope that i never run into one of those fans that are extremely extremely obsessed about it.
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