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  1. 2010 Day of Silence

    For those of you who aren't in the know, tomorrow is the Day of Silence.
    I would like to take a moment to give you a very brief idea of what the Day of Silence is.
    It's basically the day where you are silent for those who have been silenced by society.
    (In very simple terms as not to break any forum rules)
    If you would feel like doing some more research on it you can find an appropriate
  2. A Year in the Life of...

    Date Joined PF: 8/23/08
    Date First Friendship Was Made: 8/24/08
    Date Joined Beginner's Group: 8/24/08
    Date First Post Was posted: 8/24/08
    Date Created First Thread: 9/02/08
    Date First Farm Event Opened: 10/26/08
    Date First Art Thread Was Created: 11/17/08
    Date Thought About Truly Joining PF: 2/5/09
    Date First Felt Undeserving: 2/7/09
    Date Received The Keys: 2/14/09
    Date Truly Did Join PF: 2/15/09
    Date Took Advantage

    Updated 08-23-2009 at 03:13 PM by meeker

    Where do these go?
  3. Guess What?

    I now have a blog!
    ...this seems all too familiar...

    Insert stuff that people usually do in there first blog:

  4. Canada loves love, Meeker loves love, Meeker loves Canada

    Updated 08-17-2009 at 10:00 AM by meeker

  5. Apology

    This is one of the few blogs where my spirit is in need of torture. Please post all of your negative thoughts towards me here.

    From the minute I stepped into pokefarm I knew how magical it was. I wanted to spend as much time here as I could. The people were so nice.

    However, it was me all along that wound up ruining it all. I have severe problems with chat lingo, especially when used in improper formatting. I was behind the desecration of Vott's reputation. For this, I ...
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