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Ice's Barren Wasteland~

Welcome to my litte world.


Then again thats not really my problem.....


  1. Guess whos baaack~

    I'm back people!

    I've finally gotten everything straightened out and i'm finally free....

    For a few hours everyday...


    I'll explain later.


  2. Really Now~

    I just realized that my anniversary was like 8 days ago. A year and 8 days ago I decided to join pokefarm.

    Why because it seemed like a nice place and well I wanted a Houndour. XD

    I still think its a great place even now!!!

    Yay! Late anniversary parties!!!

    On to more current things....

    Or not. My lifes become a big giant bore fest.

    It should get better....

    .....I hope.

    Although I have ...

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    Random Day to Day~
  3. Nostalgia~

    I finally updated my fanfiction "The Life of A Teenage Trainer". It's still in the filler stage, but I do havea few things planned out for it.

    I'm finally out of school so I have TONS of free time. Then again I just started Driver's Ed and its going to take 2 hours out of every day until the 19th. It was pretty boring and I think the permit test should be pretty easy.

    I get my license in December, that is saying I pass the permit test on Thursday.

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    My Life In Retrospect~
  4. Home is where the Heart is~

    I'm currently in Hearthome, and I already tried to beat the didn't do so well.

    That Mismagius messed me up. Now I have to level up all of my pokemon a little bit.

    I still have the same pokemon. I was thinking about getting a Nosepass but I don't know if it will help in any future gyms.

    I breezed throught the Eterna Gym thanks to Apple my Ponyta. It gained like 4 levels going through the entire gym.

    If any one has any tips, feel free to ...

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    Pokemon Stuff~
  5. Progression~

    I'm just now heading to Eterna City. XD

    So far I have a Grotle, Luxio, Machop & Ponyta. All between Lv:17-19.

    This is probaly the first pokemon game I have gone through without the help of a guide. I think i'm going through okay. Who knows.

    I'm going to try and get pretty far throughout the weekend and hopefully I finish before next Friday.

    Wish me luck!



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    Pokemon Stuff~
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