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Thread: Voltage Meter (Battle Record)

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    Default Voltage Meter (Battle Record)

    As Beacon- Wins 24 Loses 14

    Wins 4
    Loses 5
    Win Streak 1
    Lose Streak 0

    0-3 Sassuke Gah crits! Good game! I was hoping Stone Edge would miss lol!
    0-5 Gah these crits are starting to HAX me off (get the pun there ) Good game Rj61
    3-0 Trogdor, wow I am impressed! Your team is very good. Good luck with Bubba!
    2-0 Sasuke What an amazing battle! I was on the edge of my seat (not really but the expression stands XD)
    0-3 Bagaio Very nice match! Your team hadled mine very very well!
    3-0 Crymzon That was a great battle! I hope it was one worth waiting for!
    0-2 Seems to go lose win lose win for me xD Very nice battle Empoleon!
    0-2 Gah to much red here xD Great battle Sasuke you deserve the badge!
    3-0 After 6 months of no battles what a fun one to return to, good game Pika!

    DC Counts as a win to me!
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