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Thread: Do you have your Franklin Badge? (Battle Records)

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    Default Do you have your Franklin Badge? (Battle Records)

    If you have played Earthbound, you know the meaning

    I will be keeping my battle records here.

    As of Sunday Evening, I have cleared all requests for a badge. You may now request a battle through group memberships, selecting Beacon Gym.

    Remember battles will begin this Thursday!

    Total Wins: 31 Total Losses: 10 Current Win Streak: 0 Current Loss Streak: 1 Longest Win Streak: 8 Longest Loss Streak: 2

    3-0 SeththePokeTrainer: Nice team, a very powerful team that has some fantastic potential! Come back next week!
    0-3 Rayfox: I need to practice some predictions it seems! A very well rounded team. First badge to Rayfox!
    1-0 S_Tailor: Very nice, my poor prediction seemed to cost me a couple poke's. Buzz Buzz vs. Steel Bird reminded me of a olden times when i did the same thing against Gyms. ^.^
    0-3 Cisco: You defeated me with ease! I only wish you only had 1 Expert Belt so i could award you the badge! Please come back next week and defeat me!
    4-0 cyndaquilannie: A nice team, i would invest in a Special Wall!
    0-1 MeowthMix: Cloned Pokemon are forbidden on PokeFarm.
    0-3 Sniperdragon: Great great great sandstorm team, I have to face you with mine! Come back next week without the Heatran and beat me again to win the badge!
    4-0 Russell: An orginal team, i liked seeing the different poke's! Work on your team's moves and IVs and I know you can win!
    0-5 SeththePokeTrainer: You seem to be racking up the badges extremely fast, congrats on this one!
    3-0 S_Tailor: My Motor Drive predictions seem to grow. I believe you are the first to face Slizer now before you face me again.
    3-0 Kiwi: Please do not close your DS early so it will not record, that is not showing sportsmanship and it shows me disrespect.
    6-0 Nickgamer10: Nice choice of pokes, i liked the variety! Please make sure your items are different next week! (2 Quick Claws)
    3-0 Cisco: Aww man, you destroyed me last week, and now i found an upper hand? He's yours now Slizer.
    4-0 Darqred: Nice combo mate, seems popular as of lately! Mr. Saturn loves to dealing with it in his own special way
    3-0 Gouswer: Another combo, i swear that is been in almost every match i have had, a bit annoying really. Oh Well Mr. Saturn saves the day again!
    5-0 S_Tailor: Work on your team mate, it seems all you are doing is throwing OU pokes against me. Slizer awaits.
    0-3 Cisco: 3 Freeze Hax!? 3!? I'm even more amazed i instantly thawed out of 2. Ahh well your luck is better then mine it seems!
    6-0 TourosDude15: I enjoyed seemed such a different set of pokemon! Work on your Weaknesses and Resistances i subject, Mani-Mani seemed to clean up too easily.
    5-0 Cyndaquilannie: I liked seeing your pokes, they seemed so familiar! Play around in Pokefarm, they offer free bred pokes that can help!
    3-0 Paiopa: I enjoyed the battle, anothe rnice use of pokes! Good luck with Slizer!
    2-0 Catcatcat: Mr. Saturn did his job well, took out the serious threats against my team. I feel rather bad tenda resulted in Fodder, but dems the breaks!
    1-0 Paiopa: A very very close match, Tenda and Apple Kid did extremely well and I am so grateful to them! /huggles the two.
    0-4 Gouswer: Ahhh, If only i could raise Buzz Buzz's Defense even higher, ahh well congrats on a shiny badge mate!
    6-0 TaurosDude: I do live Mani-Mani when he gets the chance! So Evil... Come back next week mate!
    5-0sTailor: You started out so well against Mani-Mani! Tenda crippling half of your sweepers took its toll. Buzz Buzz got to see some action! He is most surprised, most of the time he is only taking the hits, never giving them. Your up Slizer.
    1-0 MeowthMix: We fought back and forth hard knocking our pokes out! That was last surprise was a doozy! Tenda wasnt strong enough to take him out, he usually does! I'll have to play with his EVs.. Mani-Mani, how i love you. Being put to sleep, and knocked down to 3 hp and then waking up for the kill. How deliciously evil!
    5-0 Crymzon1980: Buzz Buzz set up, along with Mani Mani. Work on your strategy mate and try not to let your opponent set up on you! Not all damage comes from attacks!
    4-0 Troo: I do love watching Mani-Mani setup! Im so glad we finally got a match, after +10 attempts to connect. Come back next week!
    2-0 Meowthmix: I got to remember how your strategy, it almost gets me everytime! My little Mani Mani, you love me so much, knocking out pokes and never dying! *Hugs the lil fella* Is that possible with a ghost?
    6-0 Keitaro: Nice mix of pokes, not a single OU? Very intresting, your pokes however allowed Apple Kid to pick many off, followed by a boosted Brickroad! I did however love your orginality! Please come back after you face Slizer!
    4-0 S Tailor: Mani Mani you truely are the star of my team! S Tailor sir, i would work on prediction mate! I was able to predict every move and even your items! A change may be for the better sir! I think i have your team memorized by now :P
    0-3 MeowthMix: Ugh, i dislike teams that are made only to fight one gym. But a win is a win. Pick pokemon that you want to play with mate, not with what will counter one certain person. That will not go far mate :P Congrats on the win though!
    0-4 Keitaro: How did you lose to me in the beginning? You Predicted what it seems like every move! Well done sir, you have earned your badge!
    0-1 TaurosDude: We seemed to predict each other well, I am pleased to see how much you have improved! I am rather awestruck at how well your team has come along!
    0-3 Death By Bronzong: Hacked Pokemon are forbidden on Pokefarm.
    1-0 L'Achel: Very nice set of pokes! You handled them like a true trainer! The Scarf on your last pokemon seemed to cost you the match!
    6-4 Vasden: Work on your connection so we may have a full battle next time. Sandstorm team looked nice from what I saw, all walls perhaps?
    4-0 sTailor: I can predict close to your every move sir. I would work on your team, i think i have it memorized by now.
    4-0 Cinder: I am pleased to see how well you fast you learned my pokemon! You did quite well with the Taunt!
    2-0 Run_Bubba_Run: I had some of the worst hax fighting you, you did well! I await to see you next week!
    0-4 L'Archel: A long battle, and i had a feeling I would not come out the winner. You did very well, predicting my moves, and impressed me. You will go far.
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