#423: Gastrodon

Now this pokemon is interesting, boosting different sprites for the region from which it hails. Let's see what we can do with it!

Type: Water/Ground
Weaknesses: GRASS X4
resistances: Fire / Poison / Rock / Steel x 0.5 | Takes no damage from electricity

Abilities: Sticky Hold: This guy is shellfish, um, i mean, selfish, this ability prevents it's item from being thieved/tricked/switcheroo'd/coveted.
Storm Drain: All water moves are drawn to this pokemon (useless in single battles)

Base Stats: 111/83/68/92/82/39

Move Set #1: Sp. Tank
252 hp 128 sp. def 128 sp. atk | Sassy | Leftovers
Ice Beam

This moveset takes advantage of gastrodons ability to use recover so as to effectively make it a sp. wall Surf is STAB'd, and Ice Beam is generally good. Amnesia doubles it's special def, but Counter allows you to suprise physical attackers. More of a matter of preference.

Move Set #2: Let's just sit here
252 hp 128 sp. def 128 def | relaxed | Lefties
This is gastrodon's annoying set. It aims to whittle the enemy down, and just sit there as the opponent is forced to attempt to take down gastrodon, or switch and face an oncoming toxic or yawn (if you run yawn). Toxic is good for whittling down the opponent, stockpile is like cosmic power, but you can only do it three times. Memento is a nice parting gift if you know you can't take much more of this, but yawn is good for forcing a switch into a toxic or a needed recover.

Move Set #3: Tank
252 hp 128 def 128 atk | Sassy | Leftovers
Stone Edge/Rock Slide
Body Slam

This moveset is primarily physical in moveset. It aims to throw people off by running physical moves. Body Slam has a chance of parlalysis, and is the only thing with which to hit grass types. Waterfall is stabbed, and stone edge has the nice critical hit ratio. The only reason rock slide is mentioned is if you want to try to pseudo parflinch with a combination of body-slam induced paralysis and the flinch rate of rock slide. Recover is a given so as to maximise it's time on the field.