#224: Octillery:
The Jet pokemon is my next choice for this Section. Oh, btw, the way in which I am choosing these is by picking a random number between 1 and 101 and then looking at the "In this tier" thread to see which pokemon corresponds to that number! I'll be trying to do as many as possible.
Type: Water
Evolves from Remoraid at level 25
Suction Cups: If the pokemon is in the lead spot, when fishing, pokemon are easier to catch. I have also heard that this prevents whirlwind from working, but i do not know.
Sniper: Power of critical hit moves is tripled instead of doubled.
Electric x2
Fire x .5
Water x .5
[COLOR="Light Blue"]Ice[/COLOR] x .5
Steel x .5

Base Stats: 75/105/75/105/75/45

Move Set 1: Tanky - Sp. edition
EVs: 252 hp 128 sp. def 128 def | Nature: Quiet | Item: Lefties | Ability: Suction Cups (For Skarmory)
-Charge Beam
-Flamethrower/Ice Beam/Blizzard
-Energy Ball
This is probably the best set for Octillery. It learns a variety of great moves, and while it's stats are a bit meh, in UU, it's 105 base sp. atk needs not any evs, especially with Charge Beam handling the boosts to your sp. atk. This set maximizes the amount of evs used, and makes for a good wall. The second move choice is split depending on what you fear more. Flamethrower allows you to take out grass types and steel types, and tears apart abomasnow. Ice Beam/Blizzard is a must for taking on any dragons and also takes care of grass types. It's mainly a matter of preference, but come on, an octopus that shoots fire? It sounds like something out of rammstein!

Move Set 2: Tanky - Atk Edition
Same evs and item as # | Nature: Brave | Ability - Sniper
-Gunk Shot
This moveset is not as good because the moves are not the best for type coverage, but they are all potentially high power moves. Gunk shot is 120 from the very start, as is waterfall. Payback, since your base speed is 45, brought down by the brave nature, you will go second, and it will end up being a 100 base dark attack, if you are hit, which people would like to do to Octillery. Toxic/Screech are there as support for Octillery because, with having no evs in attack, it may want to rely on something to make sure it does more damage.

Move Set 3: I HATE SUBS
Evs: 252 HP 252 ATK | Nature: Adamant | Item: Scope Lens | Ability: Sniper
Rock Blast
Bullet Seed
Focus Energy
Gunk Shot/Substitute
This is a very situational set, but deserves mention because my favorite kind of pokemon is the utilitarian kind of pokemon. Now, on to the pokemon itself, it's very radical going with a flaming 252 evs in Atk, and featuring two multiple hit moves. It is important that it run both because then it will be able to take on two of the most common subbers, Ninjask, and Azumarril. The other subber that needs to be taken care of is Sceptile, which can be taken care of with a Gunk Shot to the face. Focus Energy and Sniper give Octillery the ability to ravage things that resort to using substitute. You can't really take on grass types, but then again, you're a water type, you shouldn't anyway. Substitute is if you want to ensure that you set up with focus energy, but it takes away the ability to kill a grass type (like the UU Carnivine) on the switch in.

I might have some more, but that's it for now! Enjoy!