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Thread: In the Sea bottom (Battle Record)

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    Default In the Sea bottom (Battle Record)

    Yea, this is a thread to post all my wins and losses and such and such and blah blah blah.

    Wins: 26
    Loses: 21
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    0-1. Gg Revelp, i got scared when Thunderbolt hit your poke..... Gg tho u deserve the badge.
    0-1 Gg Wicked, today is a bad first day for the Gym =[
    0-6 Gg Death By Bronzong.... i hate u xD jk. Good game [ i need to improve my team some more TT_TT]
    3-1 Cya Next week Soccer! :P
    0-1 Gg Master, we both kinda got lucky [u got luckier tho O_o xD] Enjoy the Shiny Badge
    4-0 Gg Blue Hawk, again sorry for the mistake..... anyways youll have to battle MarthEX now :P
    2-0 Gg Whitdjinn. You get to say hi to Marth xD. but still Gg, i had some luck.... [hides]
    1-0 Gg razorbeam...... wow that was... TOO CLOSE O_o
    0-3 Gg S Tailor...... things would of been different if EQ didnt miss >.>
    0-3 Gg Allirath............... you got lucky when Waterfall missed and when Dragooon froze TT_TT lol
    6-0 Gg Psychickitten......Marth gets to see you lol
    0-2 Gg MarthEX, you got "your" badge lol
    3-0 Gg Kiwi. I made a few mistakes...... but oh wells Gg. Marth has work to do
    3-0 Gg Tyvaughn. MArthy gots works to do
    5-0 cyndaquilannie - Gg. I got kinda lucky with the Flinch though X_X
    0-5 Gg SethThePokeTrainer. I made so many mistakes, its not even funny [haha] =[
    0-3 Gg again Seth, you earn the Shiny Badge. I did better but still made terrible preicitions =[
    0-1 Gg MeowthMix. Close match [your poke had 1 HP left] >.>
    2-0 Gg Rayfox-kun. I didn't even get to show off Vhen =[
    6-0 Gg Russell, come back in a week for Marth.
    1-0 Gg Rayfox-Kun. I won with 1 poke with 1 HP left. To Marth u shal go back to xD
    0-3 Gg Gouswer. It was a good battle. And if The Metal would of survived, it might have been the end of you rofl. Gg. And wtf, I always have the same amount of wins and losses :l
    0-4 Gg Ray. Nice pokes, just hoped Fire Blast would of hit TT3TT
    4-0 Gg Tourosdude15. Marthy's turn with yew rofl.
    2-0 Gg MeowthMix. You get to visit Marthy =D lol.
    0-1 Gg MeowthMix. You won though its 1 day less then a week :P
    4-0 Gg Tarousdude15. Better luck next time
    0-3 Gg L'Arachel. If only you didnt use Protect it might have ended differently x.xWhy do I always have the same wins and loses!! >_<
    2-0 Gg wraithseer, better luck next time
    5-0 Gg Vasden2, Inu loves u! xD
    0-2 Gg BarrelRoll, you've beaten me Fire and Circle. [reads card], Fair and Square I mean
    0-4 congrats Catcatcat for winning the Feninume Gym badge :}
    3-0 Gg run bubba run. Better luck next time buddy
    5-0 Gg T Roo. Cya next. Monday? :P
    6-0 Gg Empoleon67, better luck next time eh
    0-1 Gg Paiopa on winning a shiny Fen Gym Badge! Lucky lol jk :P.
    4-0 Gg rj61, better luck next time
    2-0 Gg Bobreeder, better luck next time
    5-0 Gg Susake715, better luck next time?
    0-1 Gg run-bubba-run, i lost, :P
    0-2 Gg Trombones13, I lost, again :P
    0-2 Gg Shadowmario, I made a few mistakes, probably shouldn't have underestimated ya P:
    3-0 Gg, T Roo :P
    3-0 Gg, Emplion67, i did get lucky with the crits :P. But my meteor mash missed and you killed Balls so payback x] haha.
    0-2 Gg rj61. I shouldn't have brought a bunch of random pokes, but oh well P:
    4-0 Gg Susake715. Maybe next time P:
    6-0 Gg baguio. Better luck nexttime
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