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    Arrow #312 Minun

    #312 Minun

    when battling with plus ability special attack becomes 1.5 times better.

    Type: Electric

    Male to Female ratio: 50% Female 50% Male

    Egg Type: Fairy

    Poke Dex:
    Diamond: It cheers on friends. If it's friends are losing, it's body lets off more, and more spark.
    Pearl:It cheers on friends. If it's friends are losing, it's body lets off more, and more spark.

    Diamond: Trophy Garden
    Pearl: Trophy Garden

    Ground: 2.0
    Water: 1.0
    Steel: 1.0
    Grass: 1.0
    Electric: 0.5
    Psychic: 1.0
    Rock: 1.0
    Fire: 1.0
    Normal: 1.0
    Ghost: 1.0
    Dark: 1.0
    Fighting: 1.0
    Poison: 1.0
    Dragon: 1.0
    Flying: 0.5
    Ice: 1.0
    Bug 1.0

    Base Stats:
    HP: 60
    Attack: 40
    Defence: 50
    Sp Att: 75
    Sp Def: 85
    Speed: 95


    Baton Passer:
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Minus
    Item: Magnet

    Move Set:
    Nasty Plot
    Charge Beam
    Baton Pass

    With the move Agility it's speed will be hired sharply, or if you're intersested in special attack nasty plot will higher special attck sharply. Then the stab move Charge Beam you will be able to deal damage and increase your special attck with the remaning power. When you're done hiping Minun up use baton pass to switch out and pass all of the stat increased stats to the next pokemon.

    Electric Support:
    Nature: Timid
    Ability: Minus
    Item: Damp Rock

    Rain Dance
    Thunder Bolt
    Thunder Wave

    First you use Rain Dance. The held Item Damp Rock will increase the duration of the Rain Storm. Then with the Rain Storm going the STAB move Thunder is a Garunteed hit. Then there's the move Thunder Wave. It leaves the enemy Parylyzed leaving it a 25% chance of not being able to move, and slowing the enemy. Then to finish the opponent off the STAB move Thunder Bolt with a 30% chance of leaving the enemy paralyzed.

    Staller Minun:
    Nature: Bold
    Ability: Minus
    Item: Leftovers/ Shell Bell

    Thunder Wave
    Thunder Bolt

    First you use the move substitute taking 1:4 of your HP, but in return creating a dummie to take you place. That's where the item Leftovers/Shell Bell healing back you're HP with every turn. Then the move Toxic comes in badly poisoning the foe and doing more poison damage each turn. Then Thunder Waving them making you faster then the opponent in case you need to substitute again, then finishing the opponent with the STAB Thunder Bolt.
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    Not bad, but the Rain Dance set is to Electric heavy to be useful. It would be easy to counter. With the staller set, Minun's base HP and DEF would not last long enough to pull off a stall. No healing move is bad for a staller. Now If Minun had Wish along with that Substitute then it could be possible, but I think you would find Minun fainting before the Wish was answered.

    Also with the Baton Passer, having Nasty Plot and Charge Beam is kinda overkill. You would have time to Nasty Plot or Charge Beam and then pass. So replacing Charge Beam with Thunderbolt or replacing Nasty Plot with Substitute or Wish would serve Minun better. Even Charge would be an option. Not only would it make your Charge Beam stronger, but it would also boost SP.DEF to pass.
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