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    Lightbulb A Metamorphosis

    I would like to welcome everyone to Rcadia City. Here at Rcadia, we have developed a Gym to help get battlers ready for their PokéFarm League tour.

    The basic concept behind the Gym is to test the new battlers and show them the ropes of battling. The Chrysalis Gym is a metaphor for the transition that the trainer will go through during the battle; the trainer will enter as a caterpillar, challenge the Chrysalis Gym Leader, and exit the gym as a battle butterfly.

    I know that this may sound cheesy, but I like to help people learn and I think that anyone can learn how to battle Pokémon. Battling is a mental game. I believe a lot of members new to battling get themselves psyched out before they even battle. Taking on the League gyms can be very overwhelming. I mean the gym leaders beat people on a daily basis. So, how can this gym teach new members without breaking their confidence? Well, I will be using two things I love in the world of Pokémon. First off I will have three Bugs and three random Pokémon. Secondly I will only be using Pokémon from the NU and UU Tiers. Any trainer battling in the Chrysalis Gym can use any Pokémon that is not Legendary or Uber; so, any Pokémon from the NU to the OU Tier would be fair game to use.

    Where did Rcadia come from? Pretty much everyone knows that since I started as the Beacon Gym Leader I wanted to have a bug gym. Also, I believe that it is well documented about how much I like NU/UU Pokémon. So, taking the concept of the classes I do
    to help people learn breeding and battling, the idea of a starter gym came up.

    With a few months of passing ideas and bugging the staff, I got the o.k. to start the Chrysalis Gym. Well truthfully, this gym was to be called the Azalea Gym and would hand out the Hive Badge, but the Azalea Gym is from the Johto League and I wanted this gym to be something new and not be defined by a gym that already existed. So, I went on a search to find a gym name. one that had meaning for my bugs and would hold some meaning as a starter gym. This is where Chrysalis was found. Chrysalis is basically the Pupa stage of butterflies and moths, the Kakuna and Metapod if you will. So, all that was left to do was to make the badges. Which I did, but you will have to challenge the gym and then win to see the badges.

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