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    Default Who's Who?

    There has been some confusion lately as to who is who here on the forums. Let me take a moment to name the PokeFarm Staff members and their duties.

    HMTKSteve - Site Owner and master of all things PokeFarm.

    HMTKSteve is responsible for laying the foundation for what PokeFarm is today. The Pokemon Farming did not begin here but on his other site With the help of a few other farmers over the summer months of 2007 the seed that was to grow into PokeFarm was planted. It was not until September of 2007 that the Pokemon articles were split off onto their own website.

    HMTKSteve does not do it alone. He did in the beginning but things have grown too large for him to handle by himself.

    TheTaterTot - Main site farmer, original farmer and Super Moderator.

    The TaterTot is the last of the original farmers still actively farming Pokemon. She joined me early on and has stuck with it ever since.

    She has Super Moderator powers here on the forum but she prefers to shy away from the lime light.

    belnumcree - Forum Admin and Boulder Gym Leader.

    belnumcree has been a forum admin since time began.

    belnumcree also does an excellent job as the Boulder Gym Leader. He is also the most tactful of all staff members. belnumcree thinks before he posts or responds to a PM. I have never seen him get angry so if you get him rilled up... well... I feel for you!

    WestCoastNinja - FormerModerator, former Gym Leader, Forum Farmer.

    WCN has been on site for quite some time. Like belnumcree he did his time as a regular moderator before being promoted to his Super moderator position. He also ran the forest Gym for a time.

    WCN is a top tier battler on PokeFarm and an excellent breeder.

    Viscosity - Forum Admin

    Vis is a forum admin and has a mod style very much in tune with belnumcree. Not a farmer or a battler Vis is still a very well known member of the forums.

    What Vis is mostly known for is her ability with creating awesome Pokemon art and trainer cards. In fact, many of the badges you see have been created by Vis.

    NikolaTesla - Forum Admin

    Nik was one of the first Gym Leaders on site and ran the Beacon Gym for a time. He loves questions so feel free to PM him.

    Jhamin - Forum Super Moderator

    Jhamin has been on the site for some time now and has several claims to fame. not only does he head the Forest and Gemini Gyms but he also has the best track record for winning the Breeder's Cup Tournaments.

    Moderators: All farmers and Gym Leaders are moderators in their own forum areas.

    Former Admins: BugCatcher6 and Nak are both former forum admins. They still each have their own farms and Gyms but that is all. Please do not pester them about things that are no longer under their control.
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