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Thread: In rememberence of the Mine.

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    Default In rememberence of the Mine.

    NOTE From Jhamin: This thread is a composite of all battle records as recorded by the Gym Leaders and Assistants in the great, bygone Mine Gym. My takeover of the gym coincided with it's renaming.
    __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________________

    So, I'll be using this thread to keep track of my battle record.

    Battle Record:

    39 Wins , D/C's 2 and 5 Defeats Best winning streak 18, losing streak 2.

    Challengers of the Mine Gym:

    1. Alirrath 2-0 Our battle was very amusing, especially the stall war, try again next week.

    2. Slizer 4-0 Good battle, I see you're really improving, try again next week.

    3. Cisco 0-1 Good match, you get my badge, congrats.

    4. Master 3-1 Good match, see you next week

    5. Dan the Man 5-0 Good match, you had some pokes I don't usually see in battle, try again next week

    6. T Roo 5-0 Good try, you gotta evolve your pokes!

    7. Ichini 4-0 Good match, it's nice seeing a new assortment of pokemon in my gym

    8. Shiny Lucario 0-4 I was expecting that loss, congratulations on getting my badge.

    9. Jhamin 5-0 I lucked up on that crit. You've got a tough team, I look forward to our rematch.

    10. Alirrath 3-0 Good game, why do I have to keep sacrificing Tasty Tai, see ya next week

    11. Master 3-0 Good game, I look forward to next week's match

    12. Slizer 6-0 See you again next week

    13. Alirrath 5-0 Come back next week

    14. Slizer 4-0 Good match, see ya next week

    15. Master 0-2 Congratulations for finally earning the Mine badge!

    16. SharinganGirl176 6-0 Good battle, try again next week.

    17. blue hawk2 6-0 Good game, Can O' Beans FTW! Try again next week.

    18. Slizer 6-0 Good game, see ya again next week.

    19. Alirrath 4-1(I think) You were supposed to win!

    20. Bumbee 4-0 Good match, try again next week.

    21. fast_short_stuff94 6-0 Good match, you need to work a bit more on
    your pokemon's move sets. See ya next week!

    22. Bumbee 4-0 luck was on my side. See ya next week.

    23. Bumbee 3-0 Good game, try again after the break.

    24. Chuckles 4-0 Good game, I still can believe the Mash missed twice.

    Father Goblin 2-0 Good game, that was a really close battle. There were several instances when I thought I was done for

    26. WCN(your name's too long) 3-0 Man that was a close match, i was very surprised to see Can O' Beanz hanging on with 6 Hp! Good game, I'll be expecting a loss next week.

    27. T-roo 2-0, Good game, see ya next week.

    28. Juaco 6-1 Good game, too bad there was a disconnection. See ya next week

    29. Father Goblin2-0 Good match, I was surprised that you didn't use your yellow poke earlier.

    30. Bubba 6-0 Good Match, see you next week.

    31.Shum1 5-0 Good match, you need to work on the move sets of your pokemon.

    32. Bumbee 4-0 Good game, NeoMasher was really dishing out Crits when I needed them

    33. Jhamin 4-3 Luck was on my side with the paralysis, see ya next week

    34. FatherGoblin 0-2 Good game, congrats on being the first to earn my shiny badge!

    35. Bumbee 0-1 Congrats on winning the shiny badge!

    36. Kiwi 4-0 Good game Kiwi, your lead is very annoying -__-. Lol, try again next week.

    37. Toys4Life 3-0 Good game, I look forward to seeing you next week.

    38. jrvillarreal 6-6 two D/C's in a row looked very suspicious

    39. Timmyeatsfood 6-6 The match was going so well, too bad for the D/C, try again next week. If you lose then you'll have to seek out my assistant.

    40. Whitdjinn 3-0 Good game, that was a very exciting match, I look forward to your visit next week

    41. Cisco 5-0 good match, I look forward to your re-challenging next week.

    42. Psychickitten 5-0 Good game, come back next week.

    43. Wicked Rapture 2-0 Good game, I'll see you next week.

    44. Whitdjinn 5-0 Good match, that lead can be a tough one to take down!

    45. Wicked_Rapture 3-0 Awesome match, I though I was done but Durin won that one for me.

    46. Whitdjinn 2-0 Good game, if it weren't for NeoMasher I would have been done for.

    Victories in Red and defeats in Blue and D/C's in orange.
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    Default Mine Gym Assistant's Battle Record

    So yeah, pretty obvious, this is where I'll be posting my awesome victories... or crushing defeats.

    Battle Record:

    20 Wins and 7 Defeats
    ...and 1 Draw?

    Challengers of the Mine Gym:

    3 vs 3 Battles
    1. Alirrath 0-1 I honestly believe I would have won if the connection didn't go bad the first time. Ah well kudos to you.

    2. Slizer 1-0 I was expecting your first Poke'mon but was unsure about the rest. Good game though, I'm sure you'll do better next week.

    3. Bumbee 0-2 Heh, way too many mistakes on my part, and you capitalized, great job.

    6 vs 6 Battles
    4. FatherGoblin 0-3 I honestly believe things would have been way different if you didn't crit on Tolls4Thee. Ah well, the match goes to the better man.

    5. Slizer 3-0 Stall wars are fun... annoying... but fun.

    6. Alirrath 2-0 Blacky getting to full strength is a rare site, I doubt it will happen again.

    7.Bumbee 0-2 I really think you'll prevail this time Bumbee, good game!

    8.Alirrath 2-1 That d/c looked fishy, maybe you should focus on more than one goal with my team. Sonic did very well for his very first battle.

    9.Slizer 5-4 Even with the unexpected d/c it was clear the way that battle would have ended.

    10.Slizer 5-0 TR4U's first battle and he did a smexy job.

    11.Jhamin 2-0 Wow, I seriously thought that was the end for me. DEATHMETAL pulled through for me though... barely...

    12.Alirrath 2-0 That was an interesting start between Alloy and Scar'em. I was slightly surprised that you actually brought it. Sonic FTW once again.

    13.Jhamin 2-0 Wow... hax... total hax... Congrats you're the first to give Sonic a royal beat down.

    14.Alirrath 2-0 Looks like my test poke'mon did pretty well. Nice new strategy although Sonic was still a complete beast for that match.

    15.Slizer 2-0 TR4U was an absolute monster! Good game, I expected Swifty to do more damage though.

    16.Alirrath 5-0 You probably would have given me quite the troublesome time if it weren't for Spike... and Sonic.

    17.Slizer 0-0 Next time you will get my undivided attention. You still have to get by me to face Babael though.

    18.Slizer 1-0 How many crits was that again? In one battle!? Geez!

    19.Slizer 3-0 I never thought I'd find the chance to use Wakky in this gym. It's one of my pride and joys!

    20.Slizer 5-0 Death By & Wakky FTW!

    21.Alirrath 0-4 Haha, that's what I get for not bringing Spike. Oh well, Alirrath moves on to the gym leader!

    22.wicked_rapture 0-2 Heh, good game. That crit really saved you in the very end.

    23.Slizer 2-0 Heh, honestly I was expecting a triple loss tonight.

    24.Whitdjinn 4-0 Great battle! I was disappointed that UltimaTank didn't get to shine like I thought she would.

    25.wicked_rapture 2-0 You got to meet Sonic, one of my pride and joys!

    26.Whitdjinn 0-2 Whoops, looks like I lost that one. Should have used Sonic first instead of Scar'em.

    27.wicked_rapture 6-0 Well looks like my lead cause you quite a bit of trouble.

    28.Whitdjinn 6-0 Spike did a lot more damage that I thought he would...

    29.Cisco 0-5 Freeze hax FTW! :P

    30.Slizer 2-0 Hax on both sides but I came out on top this time. I now see that SupaPowah can cause your team a lot of problems...

    Victories in Red and defeats in Blue.

    ...and Draws in Green...
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    Default The Gym Leader's Battle Record

    I'll be using this thread to keep track of my battle record.

    Battle Record:

    18 Wins and 10 Defeats
    Best winning streak 7, losing streak 2.
    Win Percentage: 66.7%

    1. Kiwi: 2-0. Much closer than what I would have liked, but you had a good team. I hope to see you next week.
    2. Seth: 0-2. One too many physical pokemon. I'll fix that problem right away.
    3. Cisco: 0-3. A couple nicely timed hypnosis attacks really helped you out. Congratz.

    4. Pikaguy: 3-0. Your walls were, for lack of a better word, annoying. It was a good battle, and I hope to see you next week.
    5. cyndaquilannie: 0-4. I got walled...very very badly.
    6. Alirrath: 1-0. In a crazy turn of events I beat one of the two battlers whom I had not previously defeated. It was a great battle and I'll be sure to see you soon.
    7. Ray: 0-4. One mistake cost me the whole battle.
    8. Revelp: 3-0. I'd say you're about one good poke away from beating me. I'll cya next week.
    9. T Roo: 2-0. One paralysis won me the battle. I'll be ready for you next week.
    10. Alirrath: 1-0. You came so close! Less than 30 HP actually. I'll cya if you defeat Paws.
    11. Whitdjinn: 2-0. It was actually a very close battle. Choice Scarft ended up being your worst enemy.
    12. S Tailor: 2-0. That last poke of your just wouldn't go quietly. Good battle.
    13. Slizer107: 2-0. Kind of a strange ending, but a loss is a loss. Good luck with Seth.
    14. Alirrath: 3-0. The battle looked as if it was going to be yours, but keeping my special sweep alive did you in.
    15. CatCatCat: 0-2. Over-analyzing certain situations hurt me in this one.
    16. TourosDude: 2-0. There were many pokes that I hadn't seen before. Let me know when you defeat Seth.
    17. Magma Krystal: 3-0. I pretty much had counters for most of your pokes.
    18. Slizer107: 4-0. I brought a pretty good counter for your team.
    19. Alirrath: 0-2. Finally.
    20. Lil Ash: 4-0. I like some of the movesets, but that team will not be enough to defeat many gym leaders.
    21. Slizer107: 2-0. I like the new team very much. You could argue that a critical hit on one of your pokes may have changed the outcome of the battle.
    22. Gouwser: 0-3. I knew you would get me as soon as you wanted.
    23. WCN: 0-2. Stupid Stupid Stupid.
    24. Whit: 2-0. Great battle. I hope to see you again sometime....eventually.
    25. MeowthMix: 0-3. Overpowered.
    26. Slizer: 3-0. It was actually a very close match. A critical hit and some sacrifice won me this battle.
    27. T Roo: 3-0. I had never seen that starter in a gym battle before. It kind of threw me off
    28. Revelp: 0-3. Congratz
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    Default The Pit - Assistant to the Regional Gym Leader

    Wicked Rapture's Assistant Battle Records

    This is where I will display my battle record as the Mine Gym Assistant.

    Wins: 7, Losses: 3, D/Cs: 0
    Win Percentage: 70%

    1. Whit: 4-0 - those EPFL battle helped me
    2. L'Arachel: 0-4 - that lead of yours messed me up
    3. Taurosdude: 0-4 - my pokes love being paralyzed

    4. Whit: 4-0 - my lead gave you plenty of trouble
    5. Wraith: 3-0 - you almost started a comeback, but that poke of mine is too strong
    6. Vasden: 3-0 - I didn't expect that last poke to take out my sweeper. Trying bringing evolved forms next time.
    7. Vasden: 4-0 - Better change that last poke.

    8. Whit: 0-4 - remind me to never bring that lead again. GG pal.
    9. Slizer: 4-0 - my lead taking out 2 of your pokes played a huge role
    10. Vasden: 1-0 - my last poke saved me!
    __________________________________________________ ____________

    Seth's Assistant Battle Records

    Here is where I will put my battle record and such. The First post will be the record and all subsequent posts will be for battle discussion. If not, we can figure something out.


    Wins: 10, Losses: 4, D/Cs: 0

    2-0 Alirrath - Man, I thought I was done for after I picked the wrong move. These guys sure proved themselves . GG I'll get back to you for the rematch.

    0-4 Slizer - GG
    2-0 Slizer - GG
    3-0 Taurosdude15 - I enjoyed the match. I also enjoyed trapping Herbert with the rocks.

    0-1 Alirrath - Good Luck with the badge.
    4-0 Taurosdude15 - Good Luck next week
    2-0 Slizer - GG.
    0-3 Slizer - GG
    2-0 Slizer - GG
    0-2 Slizer - GG
    4-0 Whitdjinn - Great battle whit, your speedy devils really had me falling all over myself. My poke's abilities to take hits was my saving grace in this battle. GG.
    3-0 Whitdjinn - Another great battle. Your starting luck scared the out of me, then i felt horrible when i had the double ES crits. See ya next week.
    2-0 Taurosdude15 - Good battle, better luck next week.
    2-0 Slizer - GG
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Babael's Assistant Battle Records

    So since I'm temporarily taking over I'll just use this thread to keep record of my battles. My wins will be in blue and my losses will be in red.

    4-0 VS Whitdjinn-GG Whit, I look forward to our re-match. Zeta and Synergy performed beautifully.

    3-0 VS Slizer Good game, Polaris is still a problem I see. I look forward to our next battle.

    2-0 VS Taurosdude Man, I've never had confusion working against me so much in battle.-_- I look forward to our next battle.
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    Default Lets make this communal

    NOTE From Jhamin: This represents Seth's records after taking over as Gym Leader.


    Wins: 9, Losses: 2, D/Cs: 0 DQs: 1

    1. run_bubba_run: 5-0. GG, your team sure was filled with some power houses.
    2. Jhamin: 2-0. Oof really sums this battle up. GL with Babael. :P
    3. L'Arachel: 4-0. Don't forget, you're awesome! Can't wait to face you next time.
    4. Vasden2: 6-0. It was a valiant effort, the score doesn't really reflect how weakened my entire team was. I look forward to our next battle.
    5. Wraithseer: 5-0. Good battle, dude. Had I not had a specific pokemon, that situation would have been sticky. Gl next time.

    6. L'Arachel: 0-2. Good match. In the end, Blissey sort of ruined me. Congrats, first badge awarded! (shiny)
    7. Whitdjinn: 3-0. Whit, you keep it coming and this was another great match. Better luck next time.
    8. Slizer: 4-0. Slizer, you're improving a lot. I can see it. Better luck next time.
    9. Taurosdude15: 4-0. Dude, you're getting a lot better. I can't wait till our next match.
    10. Whitdjinn: 3-0. Happy for you! Good match.

    11. Keitaro: 4-0. Wow, I got lucky with that one. I'm sure you'll fix that weakness next time. GJ mate.
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