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Thread: Picture Gallery Archives.

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    ok here are some pictures of me. the one wear i am wearing the dress that was my cousins ballerina recital. the other bad pictureof me during the week going to mcdonalds. yummy but so not healthy lol.

    ^ thanks stailor

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    This is one of my at a BBQ on the 4th. Taken a few hours before I got sick and had to leave. lol

    And below are the links to some pictures of the house I'm thinking of buying. It needs a lot of work; I'm debating on whether or not I'm willing to put all the effort into it.

    Upstairs - Needs paint, floor work, and mild electrical work

    Living Room - Needs paint and mild demolition, possibly take up the carpet and re-do the wood floors underneath.

    Backyard/Garages - One garage needs to be completly cleaned out and there are some wasps nests, and the other one has a full bar and is more of a party place. From the descritpion I thought it was more of a craftsman area that the guy worked on stuff in, but it is a lot closer to a little mini-house they would throw parties at.

    Bakyard/Garden - Very beautiful. Just needs to have the plants trimmed back and a patio set put in - maybe even some pavers - but it really is beautiful. Probibly the best part of the house, needs the least work. The people in that picture are my mom, my aunt, and my uncle. My uncle is a realtor and he and his wife have flipped houses before. They actually like the house for a flip.
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