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Thread: The C.W.A. Stables Story

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    Red face The C.W.A. Stables Story

    Welcome to the C.W.A. Stables. I thought I would post about the history of the C.W.A Stables. I am the Stable Master BugCatcher6 or Buzz to most of you. I also have my Stable Lad working with me, although most of his chores are geared towards cleaning up the Poké droppings.

    How we got here.

    Well one day I was searching for a place to trade for Pokémon I needed to do chores around our farm. I stumbled upon the farmers here at by accident. When I got here it was my soul intent to just trade for Pokémon that were better then the ones I had. Well after my first trade here I decided to visit their forum and I stuck around to have some of my questions answered. After a few weeks and a couple of trades, I got this feeling that I should somehow give back. So I sold the Condo in Goldenrod City and quit my job as a Coachmen on the Magnet Train. I moved the family to Cherrygrove City, where we bought a small farmhouse just outside of town.

    What is Cherrygrove's Wailmer Association and what do we do?
    We took our farm and named it C.W.A. Stables. Our purpose was to introduce new species of Pokémon to the Johto region. We knew Pokémon were migrating to Kanto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, but why not to our region. So that is our goal, to migrate Pokémon not usually found in the great region of Johto. We breed Pokémon and try to get them to adapt to the climate here in Johto. We have successfully brought Spiritombs, Drowzee, Wailmers, and Chatot. We also raised a stronger breed of Yanma to help keep crop damage to a minimum here.

    As our success has grown, our events have doubled and tripled in size. Our Pokémon have been breed and trained for Gym Leaders and soon for the Elite 4. I don't like to brag, but you would be hard pressed to find a hardier stock of Pokémon anywhere.

    My story ends there, or does it begin? I am not sure how far C.W.A. Stables can go, but I know the ride has been fun so far. I will keep you up to date on our breeding schedules. But as I write this, it looks like our herd of Miltank have made their way into the Chople Berry patch again.
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