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Thread: Sword and Shield: the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

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    Default Sword and Shield: the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    I am about six hours into Sword and I thought it might be high time to talk about the changes from previous games. Keep in mind that I pretty much skipped the Ultra Sun and Moon games.


    This could fill an entire post so I will keep it short and focus on my favorites.

    1) The Internet features just work. I can't say that enough. I don't have to go to a special place or jump through a bunch of menus. Trading Pokemon and cards just works so easy.

    2) One copy of the game that everyone in my house can play. I don't know what sort of impact this will have on sales but it is wonderful that I don't have to buy a copy of the game for every person in my home.

    3) Wild grass Pokemon. I love seeing the Pokemon walk through the grass.


    Related to #1 above. While the internet stuff usually just works I am having a heck of time joining and having others join my raids.


    All I got here is Dexit.

    I am only about five badges in so some of these things may change for me. So far? Loving the game.
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    I'm told that online can drop frames and be quite laggy at times, and the fact that online connectivity is something you have to pay for now can be barriers to entry for some people.

    But the game looks like fun, and the streamers I've been watching play seem to be enjoying themselves, so when/if I get a Switch, I'll probably find it fun too.
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    I reeeally miss the GTS - especially trying to complete the dex. I wish I could put up a starter baby and ask for sword exclusives, or put up a trade-evolving poke and ask for the same in return.

    Surprise trading works every time, but the raid battle requests are almost always full when I try to join, and no one joins mine.

    The berry trees have no texture, and that bothers me more than it should ��

    There are no mazes - the routes are very easy to get through which shortens the game.

    Otherwise, I'm really enjoying the game. I like almost all the new 'mons, the gameplay mechanics, and the story. Lots of QoL changes that I really like. Being able to access the boxes while I'm hatching eggs or before I encounter a strong wild 'mon, rather than rushing to a Pokécenter. Camping instead of spamming revives and potions. Respawning items for use or selling. I get some of anger towards Gamefreak but I honestly don't think it's as bad as the internet says. I like it better than SuMo for sure.

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    My only complaint is trying to find Hidden Abilities.

    Since they can only be found in raids you have to hope to find the Pokémon you are looking for and it has its HA.

    You can manipulate the chances, but people call you a cheater for changing the date on your Switch.

    Oh well, my Dex is done and I’m breeding Series 1 teams and a team for Galar Beginnings.

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