I don't know if anyone pays attention to me, but Season 17 on Battle Spot is underway. I am falling behind and I decided to have events to give away the Pokemon I am breeding for Season 17.

Starting out, Furfruo is kind of plain. Furfrou has 1 ability, Fur Coat: Halves the damage from physical moves onto this Pokémon. As well Furfrou has a whopping 5 Egg moves. With Season 17 being level 1 battles, not much can be done with that.

Nature: Jolly
Ability: Fur Coat
IVs: 31/31/31/x/31/31
Item: Rocky Helmet

  • Sucker Punch (Level 42 move)
  • Work Up (Egg Move)
  • Refresh (Egg Move)
  • Captivate (Egg Move)

For Trade:
Furfrou♂ x4
Furfrou♀ x10

For Season 17 Furfrou is not in the Top 30, but is a Pokemon that can make an impact. The META for Season 17 is very physical, so being able to reduce physical damage is a bonus Furfrou enjoys.

At level 1 Furfrou has the following stats.

HP: 12
Atk: 6
Def: 6
SpAtk: 5
SpDef: 7
Spe: 7

With the proper EVs Furfrou can reach its potential.

HP: 13 (76)
Atk: 7 (36)
Def: 7 (196)
SpAtk: 6 (156)
SpDef: 7
Spe: 7