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Thread: A Late Frost: Abominable Snover

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    Default A Late Frost: Abominable Snover

    Snover is a Grass/Ice type pokémon that was introduced in the fourth generation. It's evolution Abomasnow received a mega evolution in this generation. Abomasite, its mega stone, is found in the Frost Cavern from the Abomasnow there once you scared away Team Flare. Mega Abomasnow bumps both base attacks to 132 while also bulking up both its base defenses above 100 while reducing its speed. I bred these with a Brave nature (+Attack, -Speed) to accentuate its physical attack boost and make use of its physical movepool which includes level-up moves Wood Hammer and Ice Shard and TM move Earthquake while not diminishing the power of its Blizzard which becomes 100% accurate in the Hail.
    Snover has the ability Snow Warning that brings a Hailstorm for five turns upon it entering the battle. When two or more weather inducing pokémon enter the battle at the same time, the one with the lowest speed will prevail. Tyranitar is one base speed point higher than Abomasnow so with a speed reducing nature and a 0 Speed IV (and no EVs) Hail will win out it that weather war.

    These Snovers come with the following moves:

    • Growth - Normal - Boosts both Attack and Special Attack one stage. Perfect move for Mixed attackers.
    • Bullet Seed - Grass (STAB)- Power 25, Accuracy 100 - Hits 2-5 times in a row, Wood Hammer has a power of 120, but comes with recoil damage. If that puts you off, Bullet Seed may give up to 125 power if it hits 5 times without the recoil damage.
    • Avalanche - Ice (STAB)- Power 60, Accuracy 100 - Avalanche has a negative priority, which means it usually hits last, which is no big deal since Abomasnow's speed is so low. If it takes damage previously on that turn then the power doubles to 120.
    • Leech Seed - Grass (STAB)- Accuracy 90 - One of my favorite moves, it saps the target on 1/8 of it max HP and puts it in the users HP. Perfect when combined with Protect and Hail damage to bring a pokémon into Ice Shard's KO range

    These all have IVs of 31/31/31/X/31/0.

    Storm Warning ♀ 8/8
    Storm Warning ♂ 8/8

    These are in my Pokemon Y game and if you haven't registered me then leave your friend code in the post along with a nickname if you prefer. My Friend code is 2466-2668-6626.
    I'm not looking for any particular pokemon. If there is something you bred, that is great, other than that just send over something you don't want. Heart Scales are always appreciated in this generation as I bypass many level up moves to keep the egg moves intact during breeding.

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