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Spawn I: Morphury

Spawn I Recap:
Concept: Alpha Weather Pokémon
Concept: "Alpha Weather Pokémon"
Description: A Pokémon that can fit into any weather team and be a weather starter.
Justification: With the lack of weather starting Pokémon, be it auto or manual, a multi-weather Pokémon would be amazing.
Questions To Be Answered:

  • Could one Pokémon survive in all weather conditions?
  • What would this Pokémon do other then weather?
  • Can an ultimate weather Pokémon boost some lesser-used Pokémon play ability?
  • Would this Pokémon do anything once the weather is gone?
  • Would one weather still dominate over the others?

Explanation: A Pokémon that could fill the role of weather starter on multiple teams would change how the rest of your team could act without having to rely on multiple Pokémon to auto-start or manually start the weather for your team. Being able to start weather and retreat to start again would be the goal and trick of this Pokémon.

Type: Steel
Ability 1:

Ability Description: Changes Type and Ability to match held rock.

Detailed Description: Squall is hard coded to only work for Spawn I. The wielder changes its type on switching in depending on the Rock held—each Rock corresponds to a different ability also. The wielder is immune to all item removal effects, so long as it is holding a Rock: Covet, Knock Off, Switcheroo, Thief, and Trick. If the wielder is not currently holding a Rock, it cannot be given one by means of Bestow, Switcheroo, or Trick. This ability can't be copied, replaced, or changed by Mummy, Role Play, Skill Swap, Trace, or similar effects. It cannot be suppressed by Gastro Acid or Worry Seed.

Ability Changes: The following changes happen while Spawn I is a holding a Stone.

  • Smooth Rock
    • Spawn I's ability becomes Sand Stream and type is changed to Steel/Rock

  • Damp Rock
    • Spawn I's ability becomes Drizzel and type is changed to Steel/Water

  • Heat Rock
    • Spawn I's ability becomes Drought and type is changed to Steel/Fire

  • Icy Rock
    • Spawn I's ability becomes Snow Warning and type is changed to Steel/Ice

Hidden Ability: Forecast
Ability Description: This Pokémon’s type and figure change with the weather.

The process of finding a role for our Spawn is different. We are looking for general areas to put our stats in.

So once again this will be a BOLD vote. Just copy and paste and highlight your selection.


  • Strengths
    • Mixed - Base Stats for Attacking and Defense are balanced.

  • Power
    • Special - SP.ATK and SP.DEF Base Stats are the dominant stats.

  • Speed
    • Slow (<60 speed) - Slow and steady.

  • Base Stat Total
    • 526-545 (friend of Blissey, Togekiss, and Snorlax)

  • Base Stat Line
    • HP - 115
    • ATK - 65
    • DEF - 65
    • SP.ATK - 135
    • SP.DEF - 135
    • SPD - 30

  • Gender: Genderless


LV Up Moves

  • - Bide
  • - Sonic Boom
  • Lv.5 - Barrage
  • Lv.10 - Mud-Slap
  • Lv.16 - Stealth Rock
  • Lv.20 - Haze
  • Lv.25 - Iron Defense
  • Lv.29 - Mirror Shot
  • Lv.34 - Magnet Rise
  • Lv. 37 - Withdraw
  • Lv.40 - Weather Ball
  • Lv.45 - Mirror Coat
  • Lv.50 - Wide Guard
  • Lv.55 - Wonder Room
  • Lv.60 - Flash Cannon

Special Moves

  • Hold Smooth Stone - Power Gem
  • Hold Heat Rock - Lava Plume
  • Hold Icy Rock - Freeze-Dry
  • Hold Damp Rock - Water Spout


  • TM04 – Calm Mind
  • TM06 – Toxic
  • TM07 - Hail
  • TM10 – Hidden Power
  • TM11 – Sunny Day
  • TM13 – Ice Beam
  • TM15 – Hyper Beam
  • TM16 - Light Screen
  • TM17 – Protect
  • TM18 – Rain Dance
  • TM21 – Frustration
  • TM22 - Solar Beam
  • TM24 – Thunderbolt
  • TM25 – Thunder
  • TM27 – Return
  • TM32 – Double Team
  • TM33 - Reflect
  • TM35 – Flamethrower
  • TM37 – Sandstorm
  • TM38 – Fire Blast
  • TM42 – Facade
  • TM44 – Rest
  • TM48 - Round
  • TM55 – Scald
  • TM59 - Incinerate
  • TM60 - Quash
  • TM61 - Will-O-Wisp
  • TM68 – Giga Impact
  • TM69 – Rock Polish
  • TM70 – Flash
  • TM87 – Swagger
  • TM88 – Sleep Talk
  • TM90 – Substitute
  • TM91 – Flash Cannon
  • TM92 - Trick Room
  • TM100 – Confide