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Thread: Under the Sea: East Sea Shellos by the Sea Shore!

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    Default Under the Sea: East Sea Shellos by the Sea Shore!

    Shellos is a Water-Type Pokémon from the Sinnoh Region. It is unique as it was the first Pokémon to be introduced to have two different forms depending on its geographical location in the Pokémon World. Its "West Sea" Pink form is found to the West of Sinnoh's Mt. Coronet and Kalos' Friend Safari, while its better (in my opinion) "East Sea" Blue form is only found in Eastern Sinnoh. When it evolves, it becomes Gastrodon, a Water/Ground Tank that can hold its own ground in a battle. Gastrodon is a great Rotom Wash Counter, Staller and Special Attacker who can be fit into Sand, Rain and Trick Room teams!

    All of the 11 Shellos below have the Bold Nature with 31/X/31/31/31/31 IVs.
    They come in two abilities, Storm Drain and Sticky Hold (one good parent right here!).

    Storm Drain – Draws all water-type attacks to itself to raise its special attack by a stage. No damage from water-type moves is taken.
    Sticky Hold – Items cannot be stolen or knocked off.

    Stockpile – Raises Defence and Special Defence one stage. Can only be used three times.
    Toxic – Badly poisons the opponent. Poison Damage increases after each turn.
    Ice Beam – 90 power move with a 10% chance to freeze the opponent.
    Scald – 80 power move with a 30% chance to burn the opponent.

    Since these guys are bred to become Gastrodon I would recommend removing Stockpile for Recover.

    ... And if you're interested, here are Gastrodon's Base Stats!

    Gastrodon’s Base Stats:
    Health Points: 111
    Attack: 83
    Defence: 68
    Special Attack: 92
    Special Defence: 82
    Speed: 39

    Adopt a Shellos!
    [2/8] Storm Drain -Sabin (Slugg),BugCatcher6 (Drano),Deneve (Gary), Mario, RitualxZero, God Kaze
    [0/2] Storm Drain -KurtSlimjim367
    [1/1] Sticky Hold -
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