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    Default GoldChico - Dr. Clauncherberg

    I decided to do this event based on ideas from people her, and I really wanted one of these form me also.

    All these Clawitzer are Modest and have an IV spread of 31/x/31/31/31/31. Unfortunately those little guys don't have good Egg Moves to receive from other Pokemons.

    However, they have the ability Mega Launcher, which Increases the power of Aura and Pulse moves by 50%. When they evolve to Clawitzer, they can learn the moves Aura Sphere, Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse, and all of them receive the boost from the ability

    They have the following moves:

    • Ice Beam
    • Crabhammer
    • Water Gun
    • Splash

    I have 14 Claunchers ready to be traded
    Females [1/4] - Kurt - sasuke715 - Sabin (Shears)
    Male [05/10] - Deneves (Newburg) - God Kaze (Zoidberg) - Darkrai13 (Why Not?) - Sabin (MudCrab) - Mario - Sorgatani

    My Friend Code is 4141-2940-5420 (Radial)
    I don't need anything good in return. However, I have a list of Pokemon that I need to complete my Kalos Pokedex (yet) that I'll leave below. If you can help me it would be awesome. I'll update the list when someone trade one of these with me.
    Barboach, Poochyena, Patrat, Hoothoot, Gothita, Makuhita, Wynaut
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